Exosomes + PRP (SuperShot)

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles: small, fluid-filled sacs that exist outside of your body’s cells. These tiny structures are secreted by most of your cells. They facilitate important functions like transferring DNA, RNA, and proteins. By altering cell functions, exosomes help in processes like tissue repair, healing, neural communication, and vascularization.

Where do exosomes come from?

Just like PRP, exosomes are autologous, meaning they come from your body. They are found in the PPP (platelet-poor plasma) derived from your blood.  

We already offer PRP treatments, wherein we separate your PRP in a centrifuge to use for injections. But standard centrifugation does not isolate exosomes. We are excited to introduce SuperShot PRP from AcCellerated Biologics to our practice. This advanced centrifugation kit allows exosomes to be taken from your PPP and added to your PRP injection, providing the most complete treatment possible.

The SuperShot Exosomes + PRP kit

How do exosome injections work?

Exosome + PRP injections work in the same way standard PRP injections do. After we draw your blood and spin it in the centrifuge, we inject the PRP with exosomes into the treated areas. The concentrated growth factors jumpstart your body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair damaged connective tissues, like tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. 

Is the SuperShot (Exosomes + PRP) the right treatment for me?

The SuperShot is a suitable treatment for: 

  • Osteoarthritis (knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, etc.)
  • Small meniscus tears
  • Knee sprains (ACL, LCL, MCL)
  • Partial tears of tendons (hamstring, tibialis posterior, Achilles, patellar, rotator cuff, etc.)
  • Chronic tendinopathy (epicondylitis, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, plantar fasciitis)
  • Hair loss (alopecia)

Unsure if you’re a candidate for the SuperShot? Our physician can determine the right treatment for you. Contact our Sports Medicine office at (425)-836-1800 to book your new patient appointment.

What are the benefits of adding exosomes to PRP injections?

Incorporating exosomes in PRP injections provides a more comprehensive treatment for tissue injuries because it adds hundreds more growth factors to the injection, as well as messenger RNA to communicate with cells. The SuperShot with exosomes may heal injuries- even advanced ones- better than standard PRP injections alone. The combination provides faster relief, faster return to activity, and decreased swelling at the injection site. For soft tissue injuries, like a knee sprain or partial tendon tear, only one SuperShot injection is needed. The chances of needing a second injection for these injuries is lower than with standard PRP injections. For degenerative tissue diseases like osteoarthritis, injections are needed every 6-12 months. 

New research is still being done on exosomes, but they are a promising solution in the regenerative medicine field. Some research even suggests that they may be able to treat cancer. And exosomes are safe- because they come from your own body, there is no risk of pathogens, unknown sourcing, or immune system rejection.

Separated PRP with superior platelet yield

The highest standards for our patients

The SuperShot and our other PRP centrifugation kits are made by AcCellerated Biologics, a leading provider of biologic medical products. Our kits derive the highest concentrations of platelets and exosomes from your blood to provide the most effective treatments possible. Not all PRP is created equal, and we bring you the best. 

Wrapping Up

Exosomes, small structures created by your cells, are derived from your own blood and work to heal and rejuvenate damaged tissues. We are proud to offer the most complete PRP treatment with SuperShot, which allows the exosomes present in your blood to be incorporated in PRP injections. If the SuperShot sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, contact our office at (425)-836-1800 to learn more and book your first appointment.