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A Letter from Dr. Robert


As you may be aware, I recently started to use exosomes in addition to PRP to improve the efficacy and outcome of treatment for different conditions. 

I just attended an online conference on orthobiologics with attendees and speakers from 73 countries. I was surprised to see that there were no presentations on the use of autologous exosomes. 

I have decided to do a study to compare the use of PRP alone vs. PRP + exosomes (Supershot) to evaluate the onset of improvement and the lasting effects between the two therapies. 

In order to do this study, I want to recruit 20 patients with bilateral knee osteoarthritis. It will be a double blind study (neither the patient or I will know in which knee the Supershot is injected). The requirement is to answer 2 questionnaires after 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. You would be required to pay the cost of the PRP in both knees and we will bill your insurance for the other costs (office visit, ultrasound guidance, injection fee). But you would get the Supershot for free, a value of $600. 

If you are interested in participating in this study, let us know as soon as possible. I am hoping to recruit 20 patients before November 30th, 2021. I am planning to present my results at The Orthobiologic Institute and the Regenerative Medicine Therapy Institute in 2022. 

Thank you in advance for your continued help and support,
Dr. Ghislaine Robert

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“My goal is to help patients to be and to stay physically active. That’s the best health insurance you can have!” – Dr. Robert

Dr. Robert is a sports medicine physician with more then 25 years of experience with both elite and recreational athletes. She diagnoses and treats musculo-skeletal injuries as well as other ailments related to the practice of sports and physical activities (female athlete triad, exercise induced asthma, exercise induced migraines, etc.)

Dr. Robert has participated in 3 Olympic Games altogether. She was selected to be part of the Canadian Team for two Olympic Games as a Physician (Sydney 2000, Barcelona 92) and as the first ever Canadian female coach attending Olympic Games for Track and Field (Seoul 88)

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