PureGenomics Health Counseling

PureGenomics is a not your ordinary health counseling. 

The PureGenomics program is s a science-backed, data-driven program tailored exactly to an individual’s genetic makeup. By analyzing a patient’s DNA, we can discover what they need to be their best self. 

DNA determines how the body processes and responds to different nutrients, not just physical appearance. Our physician analyzes genetic data to identify relevant traits and craft a unique, personalized wellness program. No two patients’ programs will look the same, but they all have a common goal: to achieve optimal health by understanding one’s unique biological needs. 

PureGenomics is ideal for those who are struggling to lose weight, managing a chronic disease, or feeling generally unwell. It’s also great for patients in good health who want to continue prioritizing their wellness. Even if a patient already follows a healthy lifestyle, PureGenomics can help identify possible health risks and provide preventative habits. Certain gene variants can indicate if a person is more likely to rupture an Achilles tendon, be deficient in zinc, or need higher protein intake in their diet. With our physician’s expert analysis and guidance, patients can address their health goals with nutrition, supplement, and exercise recommendations specific to their unique makeup.  

Here’s how to start making healthier lifestyle choices and prevent diseases with PureGenomics:

  1. Get a DNA test from a service like 23andMe or Ancestry. When patients receive their reports, they can request that the raw DNA data from their test be sent on to a physician.
  2. Forward the raw data to our physician. She will receive a file with the data but will not have access to the reports from the testing service (i.e. genealogy reports or gene markers for specific diseases like breast cancer or Alzheimer’s) for patient confidentiality. 
  3. Physician runs the raw genetic data through the PureGenomics program. The software will generate a report unique to the PureGenomics program for the physician to review.
  4. Physician analyzes the report. The PureGenomics report covers a patient’s genetic variants in a variety of areas like cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, cognitive health and memory, lipid and glucose metabolism, immune health, and fitness. 
  5. Physician makes lifestyle recommendations for the patient. PureGenomics allows her to find problem areas, like the body’s ability to metabolize estrogen, and provide specific lifestyle changes, like eating more vegetables in the cabbage family, or taking fish oil and vitamin D supplements if they are at risk of deficiency.

Contact our Sports Medicine office at (425)-836-1800 to start the PureGenomics journey.