Francois Lapointe

Dr. Ghislaine Robert was my coach from 1984 to 1990 and my sports Doctor during my entire athlete career and even after I left the competition. She was always ahead of everyone for coaching and nutrition. She was “a l’avant garde” and used techniques, programs and food regimen that were introduced later by other coaches and are now still in common use. On the medical side, she’s very thorough and precise in the diagnosis and helped me understand my symptoms. We all know that athletes don’t like to be injured and often times, they ignore their pain and aches. She always takes time to go to the source of the problem, not only to treat but to prevent any recurrence of injuries. Her knowledge in coaching and Medicine helped me to stay injury-free all along my athletic career and I’m thankful for that.

 – François Lapointe


  • François Lapointe, Canada.
  • Race walking from 1975 to 1990,
  • 50Km Canadian Champion from 1985 to 1990.

International events participation

Olympic Games:

Los Angele 1984: 20Km, 1h27 – rank: 11th

Seoul 1988: 50Km, 3h48 – rank: 14th

World track and Fields Championships:

Helsinki 1983: 50Km, 3h53 – rank: 6th

Rome 1987: 50Km, 3h51 – rank: 12th

Race walking World Cup:

New York 1987: 50Km, 3h51 – rank: 12th

Commonwealth Games:

Brisbane, Australia 1982: 30Km – rank: 5th

Auckland, New Zealand 1990: 30Km – rank: 4th

Junior Pan Am Games:

Sudbury, Canada 1980: 10Km – rank: 3rd


francois lapointe


francois lapointe


francois lapointe