Cedarcrest High sports medicine program benefits from doctor’s donation

Article by Lori Oviatt

Reprinted from the Duvall Rivercurrent News
August 9, 2007 – Vol. 2 Issue 11

Wendy Nygaard. Photo by Jim HallasAs the new school year approaches, every athlete needs a physical to be able to participate in the Riverview School District’s athletic programs. This gave Athletic Trainer, Wendy Nygaard, a fundraising idea. “I thought since athletes need physicals and the athletic training program needs funding, why not accomplish both,” she said.

Wendy Nygaard shown. Photo by Jim Hallas

Wendy reached out to doctors in the local area and pitched her idea: little did she know that she would find a doctor who has been volunteering most of her life. Wendy found Dr. Ghislaine Robert, a sports medicine physician located on Redmond Ridge (right above Thrive).

“I love doing this,” stated Dr. Ghislaine, in her French Canadian accent. It seems that volunteering her medical expertise is in her blood. Dr. Robert has served three Olympic Games working on the athletes. She was selected to be part of the Canadian Team for two Olympic Games as a Physician (Sydney 2000, Barcelona ‘92) and as the first ever Canadian female coach attending Olympic Games for Track and Field (Seoul ‘88).

“This is an easy, I get to see all healthy people,” she smiles as a CHS athlete leaves her office. She is an educator as well as a doctor. “You have homework,” she tells another CHS athlete. “You must go to my website and read the Tip of the Month article on Nutrition for Activities.” Her website (www.ghislainerobert.com) is full of information for athletes regarding exercising, nutrition, stretching and much more. She is also an athlete herself having competed in the Boston Marathon and half marathon in Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Robert moved to the Redmond area in 2002, as her husband was relocated to the area for work. When her practice was in Montreal, she volunteered one day a week in a local schools sports medicine program. She was able to see about 15 athletes on Saturday, August 4th. The cost for the sports physicals was $20 which went directly to the CHS athletic training department. Dr. Robert donated her time and waived all insurance co-pays.

“This is a great opportunity to raise money for the program and to accomplish something the athletes need,” stated Wendy Nygaard.