Josée Grand’Maître

I am pleased to recommend a very dedicated resource to help any sport enthusiast, Dr. Ghislaine Robert. Dr. Robert is a truly competent person with a practical approach to sport medicine. She understands the athlete’s needs and importance of being able to perform through its daily training regimen. She can assist your sport development and performance by suggesting ways to improve your physical and mental health to cope with the requirements of today’s high expectations and quest for results. She has helped me at specific times in my sporting life resulting in great accomplishments and setting me up on a good pathway to be able to sustain work, training and family responsibilities. I do recommend that she crosses your path to help you bring the best out of yourself, implementing healthy choices for a rewarding life.

Josée Grand’Maître


  • Josée Grandmaitre, Canada.
  • Silver Medal, World Championship (Five times).
  • Bronze Medal, Pan Am games (2003).
  • Gold Medal, Canadian Championships (3 in single, 10 in double).
  • Member of the Canadian National Team (1988-2007).
  • Mission staff member for Salt Lake City (2002) and Pan Am games (2007).
  • Head manager for the athletes and national sports services at the Montréal National Training Center (since 1997).josee